White Doe: Paying Respects 8#Sunday

Weekend Warrior WritersShane is a shape-shifting hawk in conflict with his true nature and just lost is loving great-grandfather who was like him. He has just arrived at his great-aunt’s house to pay bigstock_Young_Brown_Eagle_10578419[1]_crophis respects.

In the curve of Nona’s horseshoe drive sat a sleek, red Mustang he didn’t recognize.

His animal instinct flared as he turned her doorknob. A cackle of female voices from the kitchen pricked his ears. With his mouth set in a grim line, he crossed the small living room in three long strides. A short, plump woman with a thick braid of black hair turned toward his footsteps. Her soft, brown eyes lit at the sight of him.

“Shane,” she called mournfully, stepping into his embrace.

“Nona.” He hugged her tightly, swallowing hard.

WhiteDoe_EbookCover_600X900Right now White Doe is on sale for 99c at Amazon. Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s snippet and will hop over to other Weekend Writing Warriors‘ blogs.

16 thoughts on “White Doe: Paying Respects 8#Sunday”

  1. It seems like he’s angry at the intrusion of someone unknown at Nona’s. I wonder who owns the mustang.


  2. I’m definitely curious: who owns the red Mustang? Why does Shane feel a twinge? I enjoy books that feature several generations of a family, especially when the relationships are loving.


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