Romance Weekly – February 28 #LoveWriteChat



What is your writing process like?

I started out as a total pantser. Now, I usually have the internal and external conflicts identified and a basic ending. From there, I build scenes working toward climax and resolution. I still like surprises that come from not knowing the whole story.  I’ve learned from every story I’ve written, every beta reader, critique partner/group and editor I’ve had contact with.

Day to day writing varies as I work full time. Evenings are usually spent writing, maintaining my website, creating blog posts and being active on social media. There are days I can pump out a thousand words or more. Other days, I might research for a piece. I’m a homebody and love spending quiet weekends  writing.

Do you listen to music to enhance your writing?

Music has always been a big part of my life. I love listening to songs when I write, but right now it’s more important to be mindfully present while my son is still at home, as he will graduate this spring. He and I have similar tastes in music and he often shares new songs he thinks I’ll like or may connect with something I’m writing.

In my first novel, I played Bring Me to Life by Evanescence when writing about my kidnapped heroine returning home to find her lover married. I’ve also included songs in my manuscripts. In Hot at Blazes, I had hero and heroine makeup after a fight by dancing to Nickelback’s ballad, Far Away. There’s also a car chase scene where Velvet Revolver’s She Builds Quick Machines is playing on the stereo. The heavy bass line and awesome licks by Slash, made this a magnificent driving song!

What two songs best describe your overall body of work?

Damn, this has to be the toughest question yet in the Romance Weekly series. I had a few songs in mind before shuffling through my iPod, but searching only made the choice more difficult.

All the songs I considered contain some form of angst. Geez, I don’t see myself as tortured. Wait―WTF―I’m a writer, of course I’m tortured!  First winner is: Love-Hate-Sex-Pain by Godsmack. I feel it is primal like my writing can be.

The second song is emotional and soul searching. The world may have taught me to be a realist, but inside I’m a romantic dreamer―with angst of course. Psych evaluation complete, the second song is: Far Away by Nickelback.

Without revealing my choices, I asked my son, who is familiar with my writing, and he immediately said Far Away. For song number two he picked Animals by Nickelback song…I’m sure the the shifters in White Doe had something to do with his choice.

Great questions by Katherine Givens this week. Thanks for making my brain hurt. Hop on over to Amy Jarecki’s blog to see what she listens to when writing, I’m headed there now…


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