White Doe: The Ride Home 8#Sunday

Weekend Warrior WritersThis week’s #8Sunday for Weekend Writing Warriors is from my novella, White Doe. Shane is a descendant of Native American shape-shifters and in conflict with his true nature. He’s just finished a drink with his motorcycle club brother, JiMotorcyclist Hitting the Open Roadm, and is now on his way to pay his respects to his great-aunt Nona, and his tribal family after after the death of their chieftain.

The fall evening lent for a chilly, but mind clearing ride into Manteo. Once, he’d come close to telling Jim about his alternate state. Hell, they’d shared a woman one night. Didn’t get much closer to a buddy than that.

Then again, he’d never had the balls to tell Cheyenne either. Sweet Chey. Shane’s body tightened at the vivid memories of their sexual explorations and the love he couldn’t get over.

He never understood why her mother had pulled up stakes and moved them to Florida ten years ago. He’d turned his anger on Chey, blaming her to mask his hurt and devastation. 

WhiteDoe_EbookCover_600X900Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s snippet. White Doe is currently on sale for 99c at Amazon. Hope you’ve  will hop on over to check out other Weekend Writing Warriors‘ blogs.

15 thoughts on “White Doe: The Ride Home 8#Sunday”

  1. You’re building a very complex character. I like the imagery in the correlation between riding a bike and his shape shifting animal. Both exemplify freedom and being “in the wind”. 🙂 Good 8!-)

    Dani, right now, your linky list link leads to an error 404 (the url you listed at signup has an error). I found your post by looking for your homepage.

    That might affect how many people visit you today. I tried to change it on the linky site, but they’re having issues, so I couldn’t.

    Probably the best way to counteract warriors not being able to find you via the list, is to visit other participant’s sites and leave a comment that includes the url at the top of this page. Most people visit and comment in return. 🙂


  2. Okay, I just got into the site and your link is fixed!

    Linking to your homepage is fine as long as on Sunday, wewriwa is at the top of your homepage. 🙂 Often, I do the same thing, but if I have another post up top, I do link directly to my wewriwa post.

    You’re welcome, Dani! 🙂


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