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Romance Writers Weekly – Lost Love Flash Fiction


This week on Romance Writers Weekly, Fiona Riplee wants a 250 flash fiction story about a lost love that includes the words hammer, chisel and coping saw. Hope you’ve visited Veronica Forand’s blog.

First a little set up. This winter, I really got into the pirateteachs-hole-ocracoke show on Starz, Black Sails, and have been itching to write something about a hot scalawag like Charles Vane. Since a lot of my stories take place on the Outer Banks and the notorious pirate, Black Beard, aka Edward Teach, had a home base there in a small cove now known as Teach’s Hole, I’m using the place as a setting for this week’s flash fiction. The characters are shifters from my novella White Doe. Now for the flash:


Jim ran his gloved hand over the sandy ocean floor of the cove named Teach’s Hole. A flash of metal caught his attention. Bubbles streamed around scuba mask as excitement built. Treasure. He could use a bit of luck.

He’d merely been coping after losing Julianna, his life mate. Stupid hunter didn’t think anything of shooting a wolf. Jim chiseled open the bastard’s neck with his own fangs in revenge. His fellow shifter and friend, Shane was there in minutes, with his wife, but not even Cheyenne’s healing blood could save Julianna.

Jim shook the sand scoop and a ring of gold with an unusual green stone shimmered.

Later, that evening he sat on the beach by the bonfire with Shane and Cheyenne. He loved them to death, but their closeness only kept his loss as fresh as an open wound. Taking the ring from his pocket he surveyed the engraving on the band.

“What does it say?” Cheyenne rose from Shane’s lap to have a look.

“Tempus Viator.”

“Tempus is Latin for time.” Shane came over.

“Time for a big pay out.” Jim shoved the ring on his index finger. The green stone glowed. Electricity shot through his body. His heart hammered in his chest. He sawed in quick breaths as he was sucked into a vortex of blackness. In a distant voice, Cheyenne screamed.

A velvety voice pulled him from the abyss.

“Julianna?” Why she’d wear a voluminous long skirt and have a sword strapped to her hip?

Thank you Fiona! I’d been trying to come up with a sequel for White Doe using the hero’s buddy Jim, but couldn’t figure out how to pull it off. This little flash fiction time travel piece revealed it all to me! Whoo Hoo! Now, I must find time to write it! Brenda Margriet is next on the hop. Let’s see how she uses these interesting words, especially coping saw.

Paranormal Love – A tribute to True Blood

True-BloodWith True Blood coming to an end, I’ve created a paranormal love comparison as a tribute. True Blood didn’t include zombies, however zombie mania has morphed to zombie love with the movie Warm Bodies and zombie romance titles. As a long time paranormal fan and romance author I thought it’d be fun to compare the romantic qualities of vamps, shifters and fae against zombie love.

Vamps vs. Zombies:

  • Vamps suck your blood at erogenous and ticklish zones such INto the Darkness JJat your neck or femoral artery. It’s in their best interest not to kill you if they like wining and dining on you. Zombies on the other hand have you for dinner in one sitting, sans the erotic foreplay.
  • Some vamps fly or turn into bats. Good for speedy exits and saves on airfare Zombies can’t even remember how to drive a car.
  • Vamps have sexy incisors. A zombie has rotting teeth and halitosis that hydrochloric acid can’t cure.
  • Most vamps only come out at night, leaving you the day to get things done. Zombies stalk you 24/7.
  • Vamps are jealous lovers. A zombie will share you like a buffet and move on once he’s gleaned your bones.

Shifters vs. Zombies:

  • You only have to worry about werewolves during a full moon WhiteDoe_EbookCover_299x4448unless you’re in True Blood world. I’ll take a hot-blooded Alcide Herveaux any day over a corpse. Again, zombies never sleep.
  • Weres and shifters pass as regular people. Your neighbor or lover might be one and you won’t know until you piss them off or catch them shifting.  Watch for hair on the sheets in the morning. Zombies keep you up all night and not in a good way. Farts in bed smell like a bouquet of flowers compared to their body odor.
  • Werewolves make loyal lovers (they mate for life) and you can’t beat that long, playful tongue! They are also great protectors. Zombies are use-you lose-you lovers.

Fae vs. ihighlanderZombies

  • Fairy or Fae are humanlike and said to be handsome and gorgeous creatures. Hollywood is probably full of them. Adam Black, in Karen Moning’s novel, Immortal Highlander can sift me anywhere. Zombies look like – well– the walking dead.
  • Some Fae may be egotistical and sullen if they don’t get their way, but they are supposed to be masters at providing multi-orgasms. Zombies don’t appear to be even interested in kissing (unless eating your lips) much less foreplay or sex. I’ve often wondered if males can get it up or do they have a constant rigor mortis woody.
  • Fae live longer than vamps and are usually very intelligent, beyond worldly in fact. Zombies don’t even know their names, but on the plus side, with their frontal cortex gone, they don’t bullshit or lie.

Who’s your favorite paranormal love interest? I love hearing from you!