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White Doe: Shots and Daggered Gazes

wewriwa_square_1This week on Weekend Warriors, I’m taking a snippet from my erotic novella, White Doe which includes shots and daggered gazes.

Shane and Cheyenne Native Americans descended from a long lost tribe on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Chey has returned for their chieftain’s funeral who is Shane’s great grandfather. The former lovers find the flame between them is still hot but secrets separated them years ago and will keep them apart until they are willing to trust one another.

Shane sat at the small kitchen table, his long fingers wrapped around a frosted glass of whiskey. A bottle of Jack and Stoli sat on the counter

Guess he watered more than the cat when her mother visited her.

“Didn’t know your pleasure or if you imbibed,” he said lowly, pointing to the liquor bottles. His wicked golden gaze delved into her.

Leaning against the counter, she barked a short laugh as her blood pressure spiked under his heated stare. “Just because I’m adopted, Shane, doesn’t mean I didn’t pick up family habits.” She poured a shot of whiskey and instantly felt the liquor still the warring cells in her body.

“Thought that’s why your mom spirited you off to Florida years ago—to get you away from my habits with you.” The muscle of his jaw tightened.

The Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop is a great way to find new authors. Hope you take a look!

WhiteDoe_EbookCover_600X900Available at Amazon and major e-book retailers.  Also in paperback.

Good read!
Being of Native American heritage I always love a good shifter romance of the People. This story pulled me in and never let me go..a few surprises toward the end too. Please continue with these stories..awesome.

Romance Writers Weekly: My Biggest Inspiration

RomanceWeeklyHope you’ve already visited Jeanne McDonald on this week’s Romance Writer’s Weekly: My Biggest Inspiration. A.S. Fenichel wants two know who has been most inspirational in my writing life. It’s probably odd, but my biggest inspiration came from a movie character. Bazaar maybe, but it’s true.

As teen, I loved to write, but the red pen stole my joy. No cultivation for story, my teachers’ only mission was to hammer home grammar and punctuation. No wonder students hate writing. After school, life happened and work, marriage, bills, and my son. Before I took up writing again, I’d lost a close friend to suicide. Looking back, I honestly believe I was searching for an outlet to channel my feelings.

gladiatorAt any rate, I was struck by the Maximus character in the movie Gladiator. From there I researched Roman history and culture and wrote a 100k plus novel titled Will of the Gods. Even though the writing sucks, I still love the story and boy did I “pants” some twists and turns in that baby.

Since then, I started writing contemporary and paranormal romances that reflect my love of the beach and are usually set on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, or closer to home in Virginia Beach. In my first full length novel release, Hot as Blazes, I acknowledge my first beta reader, Karen V who is my second inspiration. An avid reader of all genres, she encouraged me keep writing. Thanks to her belief, I persevered. I found the guts to join a writing group and with their great support, I had my novella, White Doe, published by New Dawning.

My newest release, Hot as Blazes, is published by Lyrical (Kensington) and I recently signed another contract with Lyrical for two short novels in my Seaside Heat series. The first novel, Sand and Sin is about a Navy SEAL and will release in December.

A movie changed my life. What has changed yours?  Now let’s see who’s A.S. Fenichel‘s inspirations as she’s next on the hop