White Doe: Twisted Need #8Sunday #Bloghop

Weekend Warrior WritersWhite Doe is an erotic paranormal novella set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Shane is shape-shifting hawk descended from the Croatan Tribe and just lost his great-grand father who was their tribe’s chieftain. While paying his respects to his great aunt Nona, he runs into Dory, a former f*¢k buddy turned stalker. The only person he really hopes to see is his lost love, Cheyenne. A couple hours later, after taking all the mingling he could endure, he pecks Nona on the cheek and slips away.

 Turning the block for home, his gut tightened when he spied the red Mustang in his driveway. He slammed the kickstand down and cut the engine. All he wanted was to get drunk and fall asleep. With a roll of his shoulders he tried to work out the tension coiled in his neck.

?????????“Thought you could use some company,” Dory said, slipping out of her car.

“You thought wrong.” He fumbled in his pocket for the house key and then marched inside to the kitchen.

“I know you loved Jasper.” She followed. “You’re hurting.”

He stopped and studied her a second. She was easy to read, like the back of a cereal box. Her attempt to console him came from her own twisted need.

WhiteDoe_EbookCover_600X900Right now White Doe is on sale for 99c at Amazon. Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s snippet and will hop over to other Weekend Writing Warriors‘ blogs.

14 thoughts on “White Doe: Twisted Need #8Sunday #Bloghop”

  1. I’m glad that he’s on to Dory and just hope he’s not too much of a gentleman to tell her where to shove it. His pain over his loss is palpable. Well done.


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