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This week:  Who’s my Rock of Gibralter and handling bad advice…


CoquinaHow do you find the appropriate setting for the story or does it find you?

Local beaches are part of my brand, so my stories are usually set in Southeastern Virginia or the Outer Banks of North Carolina. However, that doesn’t mean my characters don’t travel to other parts of the country and world.

Who is your support system for your writing, family, friends and or other writers?

Both my critique group buddies and our chapter’s PRO liaison have been my rock. I also bounce ideas off my son since he’s actually read a couple of my manuscripts. Hubby leaves me alone which is support from what I’m told.

What is the worst writing advice you ever received and how did you MessageInBottlebigstockphoto_Message_In_A_Bottle_1181838deal with it?

I don’t recall any outlandish advice. I’ve learned something from every critique and every rejection. Being in a critique group has shown me the wide variety of tastes in readers and I try to keep that in mind with regard to advice and reviews.

Thanks to Sharon Kennedy for this week’s Romance Weekly questions. Please click on LaNora Mangano to see who stands by her. I love hearing from you!

24 thoughts on “Romance Weekly – April 1 #LoveWriteChat #Blog”

    1. While vacationing and on weekend visits, I’ve met people from all over the US, Canada and even from Europe. With the area’s several millions of visitors each year, I figured the setting would be a good draw for a story. Thanks for visiting, Carrie.


  1. I submitted my first novel knowing it was complete and utter crap. I figured getting a rejection on something I thought was awful would hurt less than having someone slash what I considered perfect. I have since receeved many rejections, and try to take the advice given with a grain of salt. Sometimes it works, sometimes no so much.


    1. I had one of the members of the critique group correct me on a teenage girl’s dialog. I don’t usually write teens and I have a son, so I was especially glad for her catch. It will be a flag in the future.


    1. I had the idea in my head when I attended a workshop by Bob Mayer. I asked him about making OBX and local beaches a part of my brand. He said he’d never considered a local as part of a brand, but thought it would work well. So here I am. OBX and Va Beach have millions of return visitors each year and some of them have to be romance readers 😉


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