Moving On #8Sunday #wewriwra

weekend_writing_warriorsveteransbadge_4Game on! is my new short story I’m serving up on Weekend Writers Warriors #8Sunday.

A semi-pro football player meets a teacher who intrigues him with an offer of a different type of game.

Practice done, Heath climbed into his Jeep planning to head for the oceanfront. He’d showered and donned a pair of board shorts, intent on picking up a six pack. While snapping his seat belt, his cell phone went off. For the first time in weeks, hecellphoneID-100231289cooldesign_freedigitalphoto answered without checking the display.

“Hey babe.” A feminine voice cooed.

Crap. “Sandy…” After days without calls, he thought she’d given up. “How’s Ben?” Heath replied. What else do you say to the woman you found with her tongue down one of you buddy’s throat? Make that former buddy.

WhiteDoe_EbookCover_600X900Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s eight for Game On! For more furn check out other Weekend Writing Warriors‘ blogs.

If you enjoyed the previous snippets from White Doe it is available for 99c at Amazon. Will Cheyenne return and if so, will Shane learn the real reason she left?

14 thoughts on “Moving On #8Sunday #wewriwra”

  1. Well done! I felt it–that moment when your heart sinks after you answer the phone and it’s someone you really don’t want to speak with.

    One thing jumped out at me. The word “-planning” used twice in quick succession.

    Good snippet, Dani! 🙂


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