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This week’s author questions:  inspiration and conveying a message…
RomanceWeeklyThanks to Julie Abdinoor for this week’s Romance Weekly questions. Nineteen authors are participating this week. Take the full tour using the link below. 


What ages are your characters?  They tend to be late twenties to mid-thirties. I didn’t really consider myself an adult until I turned thirty and didn’t grow a set until I became a mama bear at thirty-five. I enjoy writing about characters still finding their way and making major life choices. As I write romance, my characters are in search of love whether they realize it or not.

What special things or places inspire you to write?  My muse tends to find inspiration when I least suspect she’s on the prowl. Whether it’s a movie, a book, a character in either, or a place; the process starts out like a crush. From there, I’m hooked and the seed blooms into a story.

Like most writers, my interests play a major role in what I write. 640px-Iraq_dogCurrently I’m researching military K9 teams. I want to write a story about a former handler being reunited with their dog. Of course the protagonist must also find a human love interest along the way. Did you know military dogs are always one rank higher than their handler?

What is the one message you hope women will receive when they read your stories?  I hope they get two; believe in yourself and don’t take life too seriously.

Hop on over to Susan Peterson Wisnewskis blog to continue the tour and find out about her characters and special things that inspire her.

20 thoughts on “Romance Weekly – April 22 #LoveWriteChat #Blog”

  1. You brought tears to my eyes with the dog thing. I had no idea and it’s so fitting that they have that rank.


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