Game on! Dog is done #8Sunday #wewriwra

weekend_writing_warriorsveteransbadge_4Game on! is my new short story I’m serving up on Weekend Writers Warriors #8Sunday. Please see the link below and check out many talented authors’ snippets.

After hanging up on Sandy, Heath decides the Virginia Beach oceanfront is to intrusive. He texts his teammate and roommate, Dugan, of his change in plans. Arriving a his beach rental, he he finds his buddy on the driveway under the house waxing his Fatboy Harley-Davidson. Knowing Heath pretty well, Dugan has just asked if he’d gotten another call from his crazy ex.

He leveled a sunglass shaded gaze at his friend.

“You’re better off without her, man. She was just dragging you down,” he said buffing the red metallic gas tank to a high sheen. “

Think she’s figured out her new dog isn’t as easy to train as the old one. Must be having second thoughts.” He’d been her stupid mutt for a few of months.

“Hope you’re not going to roll over if she decides to head south,” Dugan said with gritty determination.

“Those days are done, bro.”

WhiteDoe_EbookCover_600X900Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s eight for Game On! For more furn check out other Weekend Writing Warriors‘ blogs.

If you enjoyed the previous snippets from White Doe it is available for 99c at Amazon. Will Cheyenne return and if so, will Shane learn the real reason she left?

10 thoughts on “Game on! Dog is done #8Sunday #wewriwra”

  1. Oh, your snippet made me want to go to the beach. Waxing his bike under the house… 🙂

    Realistic conversation. There’s an easiness between these guys that only close friends have, and it comes across. Nicely done, Dani!


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