Romance Weekly May 13 #LoveWriteChat

This week: why we write and our the best place to write…RomanceWeekly

Today’s questions are from Amy Jarecki and if you arrived here through Carrie Elks’ blog thanks for continuing the hop.

When did you start writing, and why?

In elementary school I loved writing stories. Later on came the red ???????????????????????????????pen…no points for creativity…only slashes for grammar. It’s probably better now with creative writing classes in English. During my tenure, it was rulers to the knuckles education. Research papers also took a toll on my desire to write and led me to journaling.

The sword of Maxamus

About ten years ago, a character in a movie stuck me in such a way that I needed to continue his story. What started out as fan fiction turned into a novel set in Ancient Rome. You can probably guess the movie. After working too long on an epic historical in a period that’s not easily sold, I attempted a contemporary and used my favorite vacation spot as the setting. From there my trend of “literal” beach reads began.

What do you like best about writing?

The introspection. In an earlier post, I said writing is my shrink. Cheap, easily accessible and on days were I’m frazzled form work or whatever, I can open my WIP (work in process) and leave the world behind. It’s also a great media for control freaks. You are lord and master of your universe. Cracks whip with an evil laugh.

If you could go on a writing retreat, where would you go and for how long?

Amy’s question might be referring to a “real” retreat, but I’m taking bigstockphoto_Wave_3027500_505070fantasy route and the world is my oyster. Let’s start with Hawaii for a couple of months and then a world tour of the best beaches with the best cocktails and the most handsome men as my cabana boys. Yeah…the good life…

Please hop on over to the amazing Collette Cameron’s blog to see how she started writing and where she’d like to go on retreat. I’m not giving away her secret, but I bet I can guess where she wants to go…

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