Game On! A Change of Heart #8Sunday

Game On! is a short story I’m serving up on Weekend Writing Warriors for #8Sunday.

A semi-pro football player meets a reserved teacher who intrigues him with an offer to play a sexual game. He’s determined to win more than her game. In this week’s snippet they have left the beach and are at his rental beach house where their two friends are scheduling to meet later. Heath has asked Jordan to go too, but she replied with, “Thanks, but – maybe I’ll see you down at the beach sometime.”

Heath nodded looking doubtful. “Nice meeting you, Jordan.” Barefooted and shirtless he turned for the beach house.

Nice guy with an amazing body and she blew him off without even a simple explanation. At some point she needed to reenter the dating world. Jordan crawled from the car and followed him up the driveway. He was already at the outside shower door when she reached him and said, “Heath.”

Surprised blue eyes questioned.


WhiteDoe_EbookCover_600X900Hope you’ve enjoyed today’s 8 for Game On! For more fun check out other Weekend Writing Warriors‘ blogs.

If you enjoyed the previous snippets from White Doe it is 99c at Amazon. Will Cheyenne return and if so, will Shane learn the real reason she left?

6 thoughts on “Game On! A Change of Heart #8Sunday”

  1. Good for her following him – a nice set-up for a steamy shower, maybe? Seems like she is ready to take a risk.


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