Cocky Confessions: Holt Maddox of Shifting Gears by Jenny Hayut

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Shifting Gears_1562x2500Today Jenny Hayut’s Holt Maddox from Shifting Gears in the hot seat. Tell us about your woman and how you met. Nicolette owned my heart from the moment I saw her  swaying her hips in that chair listening to the band playing at The Rox.

What’s one thing you’d never tell her? Get off.

*Clears throat* I’m almost afraid to ask what’s one thing she does to totally turn you on? Smile…right before she talks filth to me.

Do you have a fetish? If so, what is it?  *Snorts looking around* Wanna lock that door? Better if I show you.

Whoa! So, should I ask where you were when you lost your virginity? *Grins* you first.

LOL! It involves four wheels. Tell us your occupation? I do interviews with beautiful women…Grinning…I’m a bounty hunter sweets.

Back at you Big Dawg. And you certainly have him beat in the looks department. Nice tats by the way. How do you stay fit?  Ask Niki.

So I’m betting she doesn’t owna a gym membership either. *winks* If you could change one thing in your life, what would it be? Not leaving my mother.

Hmm… You sound remorseful.  Hope that event is brought out in the book. What intrigues you most about Nicolette? How she got me to fall in love with her.

I bet it has something to do with shifting gears. What does she do that drives you crazy? When she tries to read a book while I’m lying next to her…naked..she’s not really reading anyways…How can she with me beside her?

Indeed, how could she? Tell us a secret no one knows? *shifting eyes* yep it involves tools…big ones

I really think Jenny needs to give you your POV in the next book. What’s your method of travel, muscle car, motorcycle?  My Buick babe.

Is it special to you? First thing I ever called my own.

Heard that. Do you have any hobbies? Seeing how fast I can make a woman squirm while they ask me questions…..*laughing* Drag racing…nothing better than losing yourself to the rhythm of speed.. don’t you think? *grabs his keys and stands*

I could see where that’s addicting. Well, Holt, great to meet you and thanks for a refreshing, alpha male interview.

**Nods** Later Dani

Later Holt.


His chiseled arms are crossed over his worn t-shirt. It doesn’t take much imagination for me to feel those arms wrapped around me. My gaze trails to one of his tattoos, peeking out from the sleeve of his shirt. I flash back to lying next to him, my head resting on his chest, tracing its delicate lines with my fingertips, or when I was brave enough, my tongue.-Niki Stringer

blog teaser 3“Fuck,” he breaths out, tightening his hold on me. “Baby, I’m trying to wait. Give you the time you need. But the way you’re looking at me right now…fuck. I know what you were feeling when I left, because I was feeling it too. You were pulling me, every fucking time I closed my eyes. I could smell you. I could feel the softness of your hair on my fingertips, the warmth of your body on mine. Every fucking night, baby. I couldn’t escape it.” -Holt Maddox


20130126_150618Meet Jenny Hayut, author of Shifting Gears

I was born and raised in Virginia, in a military town. I know you’re thinking it….yes…lots of hot men…in uniform…sweet…I know.

I am married and have two beautiful children. They along with our extremely spoiled beagle mix Georgia that we rescued from a local shelter, keep me busy. It’s really like four kids and me. Ya’ll know what I’m saying.

When I’m not working, or writing, or eating or sleeping (wait what’s that) I love to be outdoors. I’m on the coast so I love the beach. The Outer Banks is the shiz. Hiking and getting my hands dirty in my flower beds is another favorite.

Any given time you might find me reading a book, watching a race, signing up for a ghost tour, watching a vampire or a motorcycle gang on TV (yeah that one) or making plans to travel further south (it’s where my heart is). Oh and if you have heard…it’s true I don’t share my baklava…that stuff is sacred.

Thanks to Holt and Jenny for stopping in today. If you know a hero who’s itching for some attention, message me on Facebook or through the contact link on the website. I’d love to hear his Cocky Confessions – Dani

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