Flash Fiction – Love Letter

RomanceWeeklyIf you arrived here via Carolyn Spear you know it’s Flash Fiction week for the Romance Writers Weekly crew! If not, hope you’ll returned to see her post. Today’s topic is love letters. The letter must contain the words, brush, pumpkin and sweet and be four hundred words or less.

LletterLetters have become a lost art. I still have the one my husband wrote to me when he had to leave for training right after we’d met. This love letter is fiction, but hope you enjoy…

 Hi Baby,
It feels like an eternity since I’ve held you.Hope you and everyone at home are doing good. I miss our video chats on the computer, but in the mountains, signal is spotty at best and only available to contact our FOB. You said once that I never wrote you a “real letter,” so here you go.
Thanks for the care package! The guys and I appreciate the, mega bag of chocolate, dip packets and cigarettes. Occasionally, I’ll even have a smoke for some extra energy at the end of a long patrol. Don’t worry, I won’t get hooked. It’s the small things that keep me going and the ever constant desire to return home to you.
Brutus loves his new brush. He’s currently sleeping at my feet after a combing. It’s already freezing at night and he’s a warm bed mate. Hope you’ll get to meet the big guy when we get back to the States. Sure would like to adopt him when his service time is done.
We had our Thanksgiving turkey MRE last night, but I’m sure the pumpkin crunch cake smells sweet in the oven about now. A slice with some coffee would be heaven.
Being with you would be more heavenly. Life with a gun, a dog, and brothers in arms forces a guy to think. Brings things down to essentials. You are one of mine. I now realize one of yours.
Throw the pills in the trash cuz as soon as I’m back, I promise you’ll be horizontal for days and hopefully plump with my baby a few months later. I love you more and anything and promise I’ll be home as soon as I can.
Love you,

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16 thoughts on “Flash Fiction – Love Letter”

  1. It is amazing how a letter can get someone thinking about life and have them realize what is really important. I know it’s fiction but I think it holds true to life too. What a honest and real letter.


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