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RomanceWeeklyIf you arrived here via Mikki Cober you know it’s Halloween Flash Fiction week for the Romance Writers Weekly crew! This week we celebrate All Hallows Eve with spooky tales of 300 words or less. Mine is a spin off from my story, White Doe, and comes in at 299 words.

Eva glimpsed at her pirate wench’s image in the bar mirror as she loaded drinks onto her tray. She’d taken great pains to create a sexy costume for Halloween. The Raven was already crowded as she headed to a group of tables by the surfside windows.

By right of occupation they belonged to the Pirate’s bike gang. Menacing tattoos, midnight races on the beach road and rumors of being shapeshifters gave the Outer Banks MC their reputation.

“Nice costume,” Cheyenne said, looking lovely as a Native American princess, and wife to, Shane, who gave her a slight wink with those mysterious golden eyes.

“Thanks.” Her gaze wandered in search of Shiloh.

“He’ll be here later,” Shane offered. “He had a late delivery at the marina.”

More members arrived dressed in their cuts, sporting a skull and crossbones with eye patch. After fetching another round for the bikers, she stepped outside for some air. A cool breeze kissed her heated cheeks as she climbed over the dune. The inky black Atlantic kissed the star studded sky while a crescent moon hung halfway to zenith.

OnceAndFurtureLaura/cropped and eyes colored
OnceAndFurtureLaura – Flickr

A sensation of being watched forced her to turn toward the dunes. Luminescent yet sensual eyes glowed in the distance. Intrigued, she remained still as the green orbs grew near. A quick flash of headlights cast beams against their owner. A red wolf vanished into the dark.

With a sigh of regret, she returned inside. As she retrieved her drink order, the hairs at the back of her neck prickled.

“How about one for me, sweetheart?” His southern drawl skittered along her skin like a caress. If sex had a tone, Shiloh held perfect pitch.

His tousled auburn hair framed his enchanting jade eyes…the same eyes…as the red wolf.

Dear God, she’d fallen for a shifter!

Hope you enjoyed Eva’s revelation and will hop on over to Jo Richardson‘s spooky tale.


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