All I want for Christmas

RomanceWeeklyAll I want for Christmas is this week’s theme for the Romance Writers Weekly blog group. I hope you’ve already visited Victoria Barbour. My post is a Christmas flash fiction snippet from my soon to be released novel, Hot as Blazes. My heroine, Jo, has something special planned for her lover, Ray, a firefighter whose just coming off shift on Christmas morning.

Predawn light filtered through Jo’s bedroom window, as she donned her lacy outfit and slipped on her robe. Heading to the living room, she grabbed several bedding items from the hall closet and then layered them as impromptu bedding, topping with a silk coverlet. With a click of the remote, the gas logs sprang to life.

She turned on the tree lights and sat on the sofa to wait. At the rumble of his truck engine, she shed her robe.

Ray’s keys hit the counter followed by his footfalls though the kitchen.

“Merry Christmas.” She stood next to the tree in a lacy white bustier with garters and matching hose.

As he rounded the bar, his eyebrows shot up. “Merry Christmas, Dahlin’.” He scrutinized every inch of her then prowled toward her.

“Nice. Very nice.” His index finger ran beneath her thin shoulder strap then he slipped his arms around her waist. “Oh, baby, I’m going to eat you up with a spoon.”

His hard ridge rode against her hip as she brought his mouth to hers. Her lips nibbled his before delving into a fervent kiss. He tasted like candy cane. She kept the pace slow and sensual, a prelude of things to come.

Hope you enjoyed this little sample of my sensual beach read due out in June of 2015.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Now lets see what Sarah Hegger wants for Christmas!


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