New Year’s Celebrations and Resolutions Bust

RomanceWeeklyThis week the Romance Weekly crew is talking about how we like to celebrate the New Year. Hope you’ll check out Brenda Margriet’s post if you haven’t already.

We usually go out to dinner early or hubs will chase some steamed shrimp from the local market. Boring right, but wePitbull's New Year's Revolution don’t like to be on the road. Partying at home, while watching the TV specials our style. This year I’m excited about Pitt Bull’s New Year’s Revolution special on Fox. Aside from his great music, the guy is an awesome front man and entertainer.

At midnight, we’ll pop the cork on some champagne and catch some of the illegal neighborhood fireworks. Hubs champange_MSOused to take great pride in putting on a good show until he and his buddies were almost cited. As for New Year’s resolutions, I quit making them years ago, as they usually went bust in less than a week.

INto the Darkness JJJJ Devine is next on the hop. Hope you’ll also check out her sexy paranormal, Into the Darkness.



7 thoughts on “New Year’s Celebrations and Resolutions Bust”

  1. Dani, we’ll be low key also. And even though we live in the Central Time Zone, Mr. Gemma will see in the east coast New Year and then he’s done. But slippers and comfy pjs aren’t a bad way to watch the fireworks around our neighborhood. Happy New Year to you and yours.


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