Game On! Untrusting Soul #flashfiction #8sunday

Game On! is a short story I’m serving up on Weekend Writing Warriors for #8Sunday. Heath is a semi-pro football player in town for the season. He meets Jordan, a teacher with obvious trust issues, who proposes a sexual game. In this week’s snippet, they’ve returned from dinner and are walking along the moonlit beach. Jordan shares the details of her nearly career killing affair that left her an untrusting soul. “I care what you think of me, Heath.”

So for the record, I made the mistake of giving my trust to a man who hid his marital status. Looking back, there were clues, but I lived here while he was in Richmond. As soon as I found out, broke all contact, but his wife, a shareholder in his business, decided to make me the example of her husband’s many indiscretions.”

Taking her hands, he sighed in sympathy. In the dim light she seemed small and fragile, but he knew otherwise. She’d endured, and overcome, but sadly she would remain overly cautious of people coming into her life. “Nothing changes my opinion of the woman I met on the beach last Friday. But I am sorry for what you’ve gone through.”

She sank into his arms, resting her cheek against the center of his chest.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s eight and will check out other Weekend Writing Warriors‘ blogs.

WhiteDoe_EbookCover_600X900 If you like shifters my novella,  White Doe, is available on All Romance  , Amazon, New Dawning Bookfair and Smashwords.

Hawk shifter, and bad-boy biker, Shane Cheveyo spends years trying to outride his secret life and erotic memories of his first love who left without a word. When his great grand-father, the legendary chieftain of their tribe passes to his next life, Cheyenne is drawn back home to the Outer Banks of North Carolina out of respect for her heritage. Rekindled passion reveals their true nature, but will the magic of the white doe save them or separate their destinies forever?


5 thoughts on “Game On! Untrusting Soul #flashfiction #8sunday”

  1. Blurb of White Doe sounds real good Dani Jace. And I’m following Game On each week. Great job with the sexual tension 🙂


  2. She fess’s up to why she’s so cautious and he man’s up. Beautiful couple about to move forward now the air is clear.
    First Hubs and I never went out New Years Eve. We watched a great movie, ran upstairs to drink champagne and as the ball dropped, we finished our love making. Memories light the corners of my mind.


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