Game On! Time to unlace

Game On! is a short story I’m serving up on Weekend Writing Warriors for #8Sunday. Heath is a semi-pro football player in town for the season. He meets Jordan, a teacher with obvious trust issues, who proposes a sexual game. In this week’s snippet, they’ve returned from dinner. Heath steps around to help Jordon from his Jeep when he dares her to find out what body part he’ll play in tonight’s game on!

Slipping off the shoulder strap of her dress, a mound of creamy flesh greeted his laving tongue. She shuddered as he latched on. Calloused fingers slowly wandered north along her thigh. Her breath hitched and she squeezed his shoulder, holding on, wanting more.

Leaving her breast, he planted tender kisses along her sensitive inner thigh while his thumb and forefinger found her exposed ni:PPle. His soft groans made her hotter as he inched up the skirt of her sundress. His warm breath fanned her mound before nibbling the lacy band of her panties. “Just a taste, baby.”

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