Cuff me! Cuff me not!

CuffsWith the movie Fifty Shades of Grey releasing on Valentine’s Day, firefighters in London are wondering how many couples might become stuck in handcuffs or restraints.

NBC world news reports “The London Fire Brigade (LFB) said there had been a surge in incidents of people being stuck while trying to recreate steamy moments from the adult drama, in which a young businessman and his love interest explore bedroom discipline.

Firefighters in the British capital attended 472 incidents involving people being trapped or stuck inside items in 2013/14, the LFB said — a figure that has steadily increased since the “Fifty Shades of Grey” book was released in 2011.”

They even sponsored a “Fifty Shades of Red” awareness campaign back when the book hit the best sellers’ list. Their advice is to keep the keys handy.

On the sales end of the hype, UK home improvement stores have been advised to make sure they keep plenty of rope, fasteners, duct tape and the like in stock. Whether or not you’re a fan of the book or are interested in seeing the movie or not, the phenomena of Fifty Shades has no doubt reached you by some form of media.

I’d also suggest some wire cutters and industrial sheers. Oh yeah, and you need a safe word.

tieI’ve read books that were more erotic and intriguing than Fifty Shades yet this story hooked women. Women who had never read a romance or pick-up a book in ages were nose deep in the sub-culture of BDSM.

As a romance author, I hope the movie initiates more screenplay and TV offers to romance authors and increases sales of all genres of romance books. If nothing else this movie proves to the critiques of romance that it is here to stay.

RosewebSo instead of traditional candy or flowers, this year your Valentine might like a silk tie or furry handcuffs.  Cuff me – cuff me not.

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