My favorite vacation destination is OBX

RomanceWeeklyOBXlandingThis week’s Romance Weekly question is from from A.S. Fenichel. “It’s cold in most places. What’s you’re favorite vacation spot? This can be someplace you’ve been or someplace you dream of going. If you have a book with a terrific vacation spot, work it in, too.”  Hope you’re already visited with J.J. Devine.

This is a perfect question for me as my favorite vacation spot is also part of my brand and is the setting in both of my completed books.  The Outer Banks of North Carolina is my favorite vacation destination and has been my home away from home since I was a teen.

Located off the coast of North Carolina, these barrier islands were home to the first English colony, also known as “The Lost Colony.”

The shallow shoals off the coast are the Graveyard of the Atlantic with close to five-hundred shipwrecks from Cape Henry to Cape Lookout.

A century ago, these little inhabited chain of islands were a haven to fishermen and hunters of waterfowl. It still holds true, however, beach goers reign on OBX, as it is affectionately been named.

Wright Memorial - Ken Thomas - Wiki Commons
Wright Memorial – Ken Thomas – Wiki Commons

Beyond being a major beach resort, the area is steeped in history. It holds “First in Flight” claim to fame. Kill Devil Hills is where the Wright Brothers first took flight. Notorious pirate, Edward Teach, aka Blackbeard made his home on Orcacoke Island.

My paranormal novella, White Doe, is based in the town of Manteo, named after the Native American chieftain who befriended the English colonists. The contemporary story is loosely based on a tribal legend about a white deer thought to be the ghost of first born colonist, Virginia Dare.

Beaches on the Outer Banks are clean and the laid back atmosphere of the area is perfect for family or romantic getaways. Destination wedding have become the rage.

A little over an hour’s drive from home, we usually rent a house for a week in the summer. South Nags Head is our favorite area where I’ve based my soon to be released novel, Hot as Blazes. Readers familiar with OBX may catch references to a few landmarks. I also recreated a couple that are gone like the iconic nightclub, The Casino.

Now that my holiday tour is done, let’s cruise on to Raine Balkera’s favoriate getaway.


Dani Jace

Raine Balkera



Favorite vacation spot.

7 thoughts on “My favorite vacation destination is OBX”

  1. I am not surprised one iota that you love OBX. This post was so great though, I love the description of your stories. I visited OBX years ago and saw Kill Devil Hills and the lighthouses and I want to go back for sure. It’s beautiful there.


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