Romance Writers Weekly – Work in Progress

This week on Romance Writers Weekly, Raine Balkera wants to know what our authors are writing at the moment. Our group encompasses a variety of romance genres, so this weeks posts should be very interesting. Hopefully, you arrived here via Betty Bolte author of Samantha’s Secret which is releasing on April 21st.

Drifting Desires is my tagline for beachy romances and my brand. I’m currently working on a contemporary romance set on the Outer Banks for NC. A former military K9 handler with post traumatic stress is remodeling a beach house while searching through military bureaucracy for his dog. While jogging on the beach, Josh meets a woman who’s training a puppy to be a service dog.

The next morning she shows up at his door begging him to look after Sky after her pup sitter had pooped out. Instant puppy love ensues and the woman even starts to grow on him. Here’s my favorite scene thus far.

He put on some coffee and headed down stairs. Inside the large marble shower with the both rain and massaging shower heads, he steamed away his nightmare and the cold ocean breeze from the recent run, until a rapping at the door. He wasn’t expecting a delivery today and no contractor would be delivering this early.

Josh stuck his head under the beating water attempting to ignore the hammering. Finally, the pounding stopped. He cut the water, opened the door and snagged a towel off the rack. As he returned to his bedroom the knocking commenced again, at the second floor entry. “Damn it.”

He raced up the stairs and flung open the door. After blinking twice at a women in a business suit with a bag of puppy chow in her arms, a shrill bark directed his attention to her feet.

Sky. The Labrador he’d met on the beach yesterday with her owner.

“I’m sorry to bother you.” The woman shifted nervously in her high heels.


Tori had lost her mind, but she was out of options. The sight of his glistening bare chest froze her mouth before she could explain her presence.

He picked up Sky and leaned on the door jamb with only a terry towel wrapped around his lean hips. “It’s okay.”

“I know you don’t know me, and we only met on the beach Booyesterday, but can I pay you to watch her today?” She sounded desperate and she was. Over a year she’d been trying to get her divorce finalized. “I have to be in court in Virginia. I may be gone all day and my friend got called into work and…”

“She’ll be fine.” He raised a brow over mischievous gray eyes, took the food with his free hand and set it inside the door. Sky licked his cheek.

Lucky dog. “Thanks, I’m Tori.”

“Josh. How’d you know I was staying here?” He stepped back gesturing for her to come in out of the cold.

Her cheeks were surely pink now and not from the winter wind. “Ahh, I live across the street. Saw you coming and going in your pick-up. Plus the deliveries. Then yesterday on the beach.”

“Guess you figure I’m a push over for a furry face.” He glanced at the black bundle that seemed content against his muscular shoulder.

Damned lucky dog. “Umm yeah.” She checked her watch. “Can I get your number?” she asked while digging her phone from her bag. He spieled out his digits as she tapped on the display. “Can’t tell you how much I appreciate this.”

“You get a discount at the home improvement store where you said you work?” He rubbed his chin that was still covered in light brown sexy scruff. Her fingers itched to touch.

God, the man didn’t even care he was half-naked in front of her as he bartered payment. He knew he had her at a disadvantaged no matter who showed more skin. “Twenty percent.”

“That’ll work. I need a new reciprocating saw.” He winked.

Jeez, why did he have to be such a good-looking dog lover? “Done.” She extended her hand. “I should be back around five.” Warm fingers clasped around hers. His solid grip felt secure. Something her marriage had sorely lacked. That nightmare that would end today. “Thanks.”

Hope you enjoyed my snippet.  Any title suggestions would be appreciated.  Now on to P.J. Fiala’s hot excerpt!

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