Weekend Writing Warriors – Alone

Weekend Warrior WritersToday’s Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday post is Alone. I’m sharing eight sentences from my untitled contemporary romance about a former military dog handler in search of his dog. Last week Josh and his K9 partner, Luc, had returned from patrol when their encampment was hit by an RPG. The last thing he remembers about that day is being pried loose from his dog.  Weeks later…

IMG_7001The Atlantic’s dark, choppy waves crested in white foam then dipped. Their stormy moments matched Josh’s mood. After testing the deck board under his still slightly numb foot, he mentally calculated an estimate on lumber replacement.

He looked forward to being alone this winter in the beach house he’d been contracted to remodel. Luc, the only being who understood him was lost in military bureaucracy. Taking the outside stairs down, he then headed over the dune for the beach.

He’d worked up to a slight jog in the few days he’d been on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, today the packed sand held his weight giving him a steadier gait. He zipped up his hoodie and pulled his beanie down over his ears against the biting breeze.

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11 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – Alone”

  1. Nice. I can picture it.

    I really need an OBX fix. ~sigh~ We should have a writing retreat there. 🙂

    I think the premise for this story is outstanding, and you’re going great guns at character building. Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

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