Weekend Writing Warriors – Won’t Let Go

Weekend Warrior WritersToday’s Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday post is entitled Won’t Let Go. I’m sharing eight sentenced from my untitled work in progress about a former military K9 handler in search of his dog. Last week Josh and his K9 partner, Luc, had returned from patrol when their encampment was hit by an RPG.

The explosion shook the dusty ground, vibrating through their bodies. In that millisecond, he prayed for his dog and his brothers in arms.

Hot shrapnel seared his leg and back. Still huddled over Luc, he crawled toward cover.  Another soldier was already on the fifty hammering the hillside.

A medic pried Josh from around Luc mouthiing something. He didn’t give a shit about his injuries. As long as hell rained on them, Luc remained his responsibility.

Now it time to check out the other amazing authors at Weekend Writing Warriors.


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