Weekend Writing Warriors – A Ball of Energy

Weekend Warrior WritersToday on Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday, I’m sharing eight sentences from my untitled contemporary romance. While hibernating the winter in a beach house Josh is being paid to remodel, the former K9 handler is befriended by a service puppy in training. Last week, Josh was jogging along the beach when a black puppy rushes him. This snippet is from Tori’s point of view, the dog’s owner.

He knelt down as the pup sprayed sand in all directions with a hearty shake. “Aren’t you a ball of energy?”

Up until now, Sky had been somewhat timid around strangers and Tori worried she’d made a poor choice in picking a service dog. “You’re the first person she’s approached since I began her training.”

Passing her a questioning glance, he gave Sky a hand command and said, “Sit.” The puppy sank her rump on the sand. “Good girl,” the handsome stranger said, his face softening. Evidently his stern nature didn’t apply to K9s.

Sorry about the speech tags. I don’t like using them unless necessary. These helped get to a stopping point. Now its time to check out the other amazing authors at Weekend Writing Warriors.



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