Weekend Writing Warriors – Nightmares and Fantasies

WWWshadeToday on Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday, I’m sharing eight sentences from my untitled contemporary romance. While hibernating the winter in a beach house Josh is being paid to remodel, the former K9 handler is befriended by a service puppy in training and her owner. This week we’re skipping ahead to where he’s in the shower the next morning after meeting dog and owner on the beach.

Josh stuck his head under the beating water attempting to ignore the incessant pounding at the front door. When it finally stopped, he cut off the water, snagged a towel off the rack and wrapped it around his waist. On his way to the bedroom, the knocking commenced again, this time at the second floor entry off the deck.

“Damn it,” he said cursing as he raced up the stairs and flung open the door. After a questioning blink at a women in a business suit with a bag of puppy chow in her arms, a shrill bark directed his attention to her feet. Sky, the Labrador he’d met on the beach yesterday.

“I’m sorry to bother you.” The woman shifted nervously in her high heels.

Hope you enjoyed this snippet. Now its time to check out the other amazing authors at Weekend Writing Warriors.

Once the heat gets started, it’ll never stop…

My novel Hot as Blazes is due out on June 9. A beach setting and firefighters…what could be hotter!

14 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – Nightmares and Fantasies”

  1. You had me at “K9 handler” and “service dog puppy”. Lol! I raise service pups and work for a PD with several K9s!

    You really free me in here with the emotion. I can feel his frustration and irritation and sense her uncertainty (or is it something else?) as he opens the door in his towel. I would laugh if that pup just grabbed it and ran, leaving him in front of her wearing nothing but a smile!

    Feel free to email me if you get stuck on anything puppy related!


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