Weekend Writing Warriors – Out of Options

WWWshadeToday on Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday, I’m sharing eight sentences from my untitled contemporary romance. While hibernating the winter in a beach house Josh is being paid to remodel, the former K9 handler is befriended by a service puppy in training and her owner. Last week he opened his door to find Tori with a bag of puppy chow and the pup, Sky, sitting at her feet. She’s just apologized for barging in on him.

Tori had lost her mind, but she was out of options. The sight of his glistening bare chest froze her mouth before she could explain her presence.

“It’s okay,” he said picking up Sky as he leaned on the door jamb with only a terry towel wrapped around his lean hips.

“I know you don’t know me, and we only met on the beach yesterday, but can I pay you to watch her today?” She sounded desperate and she was after over a year of trying to get her divorce finalized. “I have to be in court in Virginia and I may be gone all day, and my friend who was going to watch her got called into work and…”

“She’ll be fine.” He raised a brow over mischievous gray eyes and took the food with his free hand, setting it inside the door as Sky licked his cheek.

Hope you enjoyed this snippet. Now its time to check out the other amazing authors at Weekend Writing Warriors.

Once the heat gets started, it’ll never stop…

My novel Hot as Blazes is due out on June 9. A beach setting and firefighters…what could be hotter!

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