Favorite Villains on Romance Weekly


Favorite villains is the question this week on Romance Weekly. Fiona Riplee wants our top five and why. Hope you’ve already visited J.J. Devine for her five baddies.

There were a couple of book villains I liked but wasn’t sure everyone would know them, so I stuck with movies and TV/Cable shows. Initially I thought coming up with a list would be tough, but it seems I like villainous guys more than I thought. Mine aren’t serial killers, except maybe the vampire. They’re are only a tad crazy. I abhor mean/nasty women, so there’s no bitches on my countdown.

5) Drago of Rocky IV – Body, body and body. Need I say more. Plus Dolph Lundgren redeemed himself as He-man of Masters of the Universe.

4) Hans Gruber Die of Die Hard & Snape of Harry Potter – Both snarky and high-browed. Allan Rickman is great in all of his rolls. He has a wide range from the comedic alien in Galaxy Quest to the serious colonel in Sense and Sensibility.

Fair Use through Wiki - link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Darth_Vader.jpg
Fair Use through Wiki – link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Darth_Vader.jpg

3) Darth Vader of Star Wars – Can’t get much darker than Darth and I love villain or hero with a commanding deep voice like James Earl Jones. Darth also redeems himself at the end of the first trilogy.

True-Blood-Eric-3-true-blood-17712657-900-6002) Eric Northman of True Blood – A fanglicious Viking vampire. I loved his dark humor and sexual prowess, especially with Sookie.

1) My newest villain and bad boy love is Charles Vane of Black Sails – A day long marathon before the Vanestart of the second season introduced me to the smoky voiced, Charles Vane and I wanted more! The man could read me the phone book and have me on my knees. He’s the only guy in dreds that I’d do! LOL! He’s got a hot body with intense eyes and is smarter than he’s given credit. His only weakness – a woman who betrays him. Romantic…huh.

Fiona Riplee follows me on the hop. Can’t wait to uncover our questioner’s favorite villains. It was fun to check the dark side of my soul, Fiona!



6 thoughts on “Favorite Villains on Romance Weekly”

  1. AH! You’ve got some great ones in here Dani. Alan Rickman makes such a great villain. And it was probably the best moment of movie history at the time, when Darth finally got something right in Star Wars. Now that I’ve seen his back story, I love the guy even more.

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