Weekend Writing Warriors – Serving a Cool One to a Hot Neighbor

weekend_writing_warriorsveteransbadge_4Hope you are having a fantastic Memorial Weekend and taking time to remember those who gave everything for our freedom.

Today on Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday, I’m sharing ten sentences from my untitled contemporary romance. While hibernating the winter in a beach house Josh is being paid to remodel, the former K9 handler is befriended by a service puppy in training and her owner.

Josh has finished his work on the house for the day while playing sitter for the pup, Sky, who is sacked out in front of the fire place. He’s put a pork loin in the oven, reasoning he’d like to have cooked meal after having been in court most of the day and hopes Tori will accept his invitation. He’s just opened the door after hearing coming up the deck stairs.

She knelt in her heels and scooped Sky into a hug. “I’ve got to stop doing this.”

He chuckled, “Turning her into a lap dog already?”

The worry returned to her face before she said, “I know…it’s just that…never mind.”

“A court date warrants a beer, or something stronger?” He motioned to the bar hoping to get the full story as he appreciated her curves filling out her business skirt.

“A beer would be nice…you’re cooking?” she asked sniffing as she cast a glance across the bar to the kitchen area.

“Yeah, and I can do laundry too.” He rolled his eyes, cranked off the top of a long neck he’d pulled from the fridge and handed it to her.

Her tongue traced along her full lips before taking a swig, sending his mind back into the gutter.

Hope you enjoyed this snippet. Now its time to check out the other amazing authors at Weekend Writing Warriors.

Once the heat gets started, it’ll never stop…

Hot as Blazes is due out June 9. A beach setting with firefighters…

What could be hotter!

18 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – Serving a Cool One to a Hot Neighbor”

  1. I liked it, liked it a lot…. though I’m not sure why he rolls his eyes. Maybe playfully glances off to the side suggestively, but rolling his eyes suggests he’s insulted… at least to me.

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