Guilty Pleasures

RWW bannerThis week, Sarah Hegger wants to know our guilty pleasures. Hope you hopped over from Carrie Elks blog.

The  fifties have made me more feisty and diminished my tolerance of BS. On bad days, a certain brand of whiskey calms my beastly attitude triggered by day job and helps with the writing flow.

Another secret pleasure is a private Pinterest board more naughty than my Stealth Bods board and why it remains secret! It’s a visual mantra and bank of potential heroes.

For all my guilty love of techno gadgets, I still don’t have a smart phone. Besides hubs, who still has a flip phone, I’m the only one I know who still has a qwerty keyboard. Adding another $30 dollars a month to the bill for access to braggart social media during working hours seems excessive.

MLHCandles are another indulgence. My favorite, Harvest Moonlight, has been decommissioned by Yankee, so each fall I order a couple from an independent seller. The sweet mysterious scent puts me in a writing mood and really should be considered a business expense along with my buddy, Jack Daniels.

Well, that all I have for today that printable. Let’s see what guilty pleasures Meggan Connors  is willing to share.


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