Weekend Writing Warriors – Jan 10 – Sand and Sin

Welcome to my post for Weekend Writing Warriors  #wewriwa where authors share 8-10 sentences of their work.

I’m continuing with the 2nd excerpt from my smexy new release, Sand and Sin.  Navy SEAL, Jax Taylor is sniping on a rooftop in Afghanistan with two weeks left before heading back to his base in Coronado, CA when all hell breaks loose.

Jax’s heart rate dropped. His breathing slowed. Increasing pressure on the trigger, he exhaled and squeezed. The target plowed headfirst into the dust before the sound of the bullet echoed back.

Gunfire peppered the stagnant air from every direction. He scrambled to his feet and shouldered his sniper rifle and gear bag. With his standard-issue Colt M4A1 assault weapon pointed, he crept down the stairs.

At street level, he’d even the odds for the army boys. If the fucking shit-storm continued, there wouldn’t be much of an Afghan town left to protect. Conforming to the doorway, he aimed and picked off a single gunman about to unload into the street filled with US soldiers.

Outside, with his back to the plaster wall, he pinged targets like the metal ducks at a carnival.

Sand & Sin_Cover427x640Check amazing warriors at Weekend Writing Warriors. I also hope you’ll check out Sand and Sin.  Available at all major e-book retailers. amazonkindle, Apple, Google, Kobo, Nook


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