Weekend Writing Warriors – Jan 17 – Sand and Sin

Welcome to my post for Weekend Writing Warriors  #wewriwa where authors share 8-10 sentences of their work.

I’m continuing with another excerpt from my new release, Sand and Sin.  Navy SEAL, Jax Taylor is sniping on a rooftop in Afghanistan with two weeks left before heading back to his base in Coronado, CA when all hell breaks loose.

Chatter in his earbud alerted him the guys were bugging out. An armored unit was already en route, ETA two minutes. Long enough to die over one hundred and twenty times.

Sweat and dirt stung his eyes as he shoved a magazine into his rifle, then touched the pistol holstered to his thigh for back up. Like an action movie, everything moved in slow motion. Dust swirled around them as tracer fire crisscrossed the street in sync with the rat-a-tat-tat of gunfire.

The grinding tracks and clack of a diesel engine announced the Bradley’s arrival. Soldiers raced into the armored vehicle and Jax slipped through last. Before the door closed, a bullet ricocheted, biting the back of his thigh. Fucking hell.

Sand & Sin_Cover427x640Check out amazing writes at Weekend Writing Warriors. I also hope you’ll check out Sand and Sin.  Available at all major e-book retailers. amazonkindle, Apple, Google, Kobo, Nook


16 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors – Jan 17 – Sand and Sin”

    1. Oh no, Charmaine! I’m so sorry. I had a mile case one summer and the meds they gave me made me feel like I was dying. I turned to an exercise I’d saved from the paper years ago when my neighbor was suffering. I tried it is and felt almost immediate relief. I continued to to them for weeks in the morning. My father-in=law had an episode and I told him about them. He came by a couple of weeks later and thanked me as he felt so much better. Here’s a linK: http://www.webmd.com/brain/brandt-daroff-exercise-for-vertigo-16844 You can also search You Tube for a visual on how to do them. I’d do them on both sides until you find the problem ear. It settles the particles in your ear that are causes the problem. Prayers to you that you are on the mend! Let me know. All the best, Dani


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