Sand and Sin – Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday – March 19


Welcome! I’ve been MIA for a few weeks but am glad to be back! Thanks for the “miss you” tweet and encouragement, Charmaine!  If you’re new to Weekend Writing Warriors  #wewriwa, it’s a blog hop where authors share 8-10 sentences of their work.

I’m picking back up with with my steamy release, Sand and Sin. Injured in Afghanistan just before his team is to return home,  Navy SEAL, Jax Taylor, takes leave after being released from the hospital and catches a military hop to Virginia Beach to see a buddy. When Jax arrives, TJ is night training and recommends a local SEAL bar called the Trident. We pick up when Jax arrives and spies a lovely, green-eyed bartender. They match wits and she impresses him by naming his brand of whiskey.

Delighted at winning their little game, she winked and stepped away to fetch his drink. Usually, she went for the rugged variety of handsome, but his straight nose with slightly elevated bridge was sexy as hell. She poured him a double shot over ice and returned, planting it in front of him.
“My buddy, TJ, said y’all have the biggest and best cheeseburgers.”

“You’re Jax?”

“Damn, a psychic bartender, guessed my brand and my name,” he said with a wink.

Eyes as dark blue as a stormy ocean. Lord, she needed to keep her distance with this one. “Actually, I’ve seen the picture he carries of you guys partying after BUD/S graduation. TJ talks about you often, are you here for training?”

Sand & Sin_Cover427x640Please check out many amazing writers at Weekend Writing Warriors.

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