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This week on Romance Writers Weekly,  Fiona Riplee wants insights into our psyche by learning what movie or network series we LOVE to watch. She also wants to know what we think those movie(s) or show(s) say about our creative personality? If you came from visiting Brenda Margriet  thanks for hopping over.

For me, I believe my smorgasbord of movie and show favorites  means I have multi personalities! I enjoy pretty much all genres, except gruesome horror.

LuciferMy newest favorite network show is Lucifer. Talk about a witty devil. I also love Sleepy Hollow and it’s historical plot twists. As a Trekkie from way back, I feel the new Star Trek movies are well done and true to the original series.  Chris Pine has the Kirk swagger and Karl Urban pulls off the pessimistic and dry wit of the original Bones.  Captain America, Iron Man and Thor turned me into a Marvel fan and now I can’t wait for the next Guardians of the Galaxy.  The mix of classic rock and pop into the movie was pure genius.  One day, I’d love to write a sci fi or fantasy romance. Between paranormal, fantasy and sci-fi, one of my personalities must believe in the unbelievable.

Sarcastic humor comes second nature and draws me into situationmagic-mike-xxl-1 comedies such as Two and Half men and Mike and Molly.  Fun movies such as Magic Mike and upbeat romantic comedies, The Ugly Truth, 27 Dresses, and The Replacements are some of my favs. Yeah, the last one is a football movie but also a love story. So I guess I’m a sarcastic romantic.

raidersAbove all, I’m a hard core action fan.  I grew up on 007, going to Bond flicks with my dad and brother.  Indiana Jones and Gladiator are tops on my action repertoire. I’m also a long time fan of Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis.  Dwayne Johnson will always be “The Rock” to me and Vin Diesel as Riddick is one sexy outlaw.  For action TVStrikeback shows right now, I’m into Chicago Fire and Blind Spot. Cinemax’s Strikeback was absolutely awesome. Special forces dudes are the hottest! The action genre embodies a part of my personality that wishes I had the guts and skills to be a total bad ass!

All these personalities within me have helped write a historical romance set in Roman times, a paranormal about shifters, and my last three novels about a firefighter/surfer, SEAL and professional football player.  I’d have to say action romance seems to be a theme in my writing.

Hope you’ll hop on over to Leslie Hachtel and see what movies and shows drives her creative side.



8 thoughts on “Romance Writers Weekly – Fav Movies and Shows”

  1. I love action adventure movies, too! Indiana Jones, Gladiator, Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick and xXx are all great movies. I also love Star Trek, Aliens, and Avatar. There is something about action adventure – probably the hot guys – that really gets the blood pumping. 🙂

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  2. Ohhh I love action adventure movies/tv shows! That’s awesome you’ve written a Roman times and paranormal shifter. How is Lucifer? I want to see that one.

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