Sand and Sin – Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday – March 26


Happy Easter if you celebrate! Spring has arrived in coastal Virginia.  If you’re new to Weekend Writing Warriors  #wewriwa, it’s a blog hop where authors share 8-10 sentences of their work.

I’m continuing with with my  newest steamy release, Sand and Sin. Navy SEAL, Jax Taylor, takes leave after being injured on a mission and catches a military hop to Virginia Beach to see a buddy. TJ is night training and recommends a local SEAL bar called the Trident. Jax is chatting with the lovely, green-eyed bartender Peri, when she finds out he’s a friend of TJ’s she asks if he’s in the area to train. Some creative punctuation to make scene in ten.

“Currently in a holding pattern.” With a roll of his shoulders, he scowled and thumped his glass down. Not linebacker thick, he was more like a running back—built for speed.

“They call you GQ.” A Texan not rugged enough to be branded Cowboy and too handsome for Tex.

He sipped his drink, then cleared his throat and asked, “Did TJ share my birthday, too?”

“No, just a story about you chasing some bad guys through the streets of a South American country in your birthday suit,” Peri said and grinned.

“Touché,” he said and held up his glass then shotgunned the remainder of his whiskey.

Usually immune to her bar patrons, she was blindsided with a lust she’d lidded since her daughter was born. “Where’s TJ? Shouldn’t your buddy be showing you the hot spots?”

Sand & Sin_Cover427x640Please check out the amazing writers at Weekend Writing Warriors.

8 thoughts on “Sand and Sin – Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday – March 26”

  1. Hi Dani. You need to check your link on WeWriWar – it’s dead. I had to google you. I’m glad I did – it’s an entertaining snippet, even if you’re cruelly going to deny us the details of Jax’s escapade!

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    1. Thanks for letting me know Pete. And you’re the second guy who wants to know about his “Lord Godiva backstory” as Ed called it! I really didn’t think readers would want more of it. Might have to write a short on on it and post as an extra. Thanks for stopping by!


  2. From one Va Beacher to another .. you rock! You’re a new author for me and I’m looking forward to some great reads! Keep ’em coming!
    Leann from Va Beach, VA

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    1. Squeee! I’m over the moon! Thanks so much Leann! Great to hear from you! I do have another release this June. I’ll be posting an excerpt in my next newsletter in a couple of weeks. Thanks again!


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