Game On! – Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday – Jun 26

wewriwa_square_4Welcome!  Weekend Writing Warriors  #wewriwa, is a blog hop where authors share 8-10 sentences of their work.

I’m sharing from my novella Game On! which released on June 21.

Heath Lancaster was happy to be on the practice squad on an NFL team, but instead of a lucky break taking him to the next level, a league-wide strike leaves him unemployed.  A new semi-pro league in Virginia Beach give him another opportunity for work and love.  He’s just met Jordan on the beach, who saved herself and friend from being clobbered by Heath’s buddy’s misaligned football pass. Heath apologies and introduces himself. She comes back saying, “Jordan, sister to three older brothers. I can tackle, too, if necessary.” She grinned. Today’s excerpt is edited a bit to condense in required amount of sentences.

Enthralled by her spunky comeback, Heath offered Jordan his beach chair then dropped cross-legged on the sand.

Wavy, reddish brown hair spilled over toned shoulders to an athletic, yet shapely figure. He liked women with some curves. Her sunglasses hid the feature he sought most.

Dugan dug in the cooler, popped tops on two cool ones and passed them to their guests. “Sorry ladies. Didn’t see y’all.”

Heath had seen Dugan raise his eyebrow after the flubbed pass. GiGi might be totally oblivious to his farce, but Heath suspected Jordan wasn’t so easily deceived.

Hope you’ll check out Game On! It’s for sale at all major e-book sellers.  Now, please check out the amazing group of writers at Weekend Writing Warriors.









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10 thoughts on “Game On! – Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday – Jun 26”

  1. Good snippet, Dani! It’s on my Kindle now. My Kindle is like the market–“saturated” with books. So many stories, so little time. ~sigh~ In my next life, I want to be a professional reader. 😉


    1. Thanks so much Teresa! I’m the same way. My Kindle is full with little time to read. Just got down to OBX yesterday. Hope you’re having a great July 4th!


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