Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday – Indecision

wewriwa_square_4Welcome!  Weekend Writing Warriors  #wewriwa, is a blog hop where authors share 8-10 sentences of their work.

I’m sharing from a short story I hope to use in an anthology.

SunriseBowie, aka Bowden Bryce, had only recently developed the art of leisurely sipping the strong Colombian brew he’d depended on for fifteen years in the teams. As he sat on the deck of the beachfront house, a dusky purple dawn burst into rays of pink and orange over the Atlantic. His love for the ocean would never change even though his SEAL missions were done.

At low tide the east coast waves barely crested a foot or two, but he didn’t come here for big surf. Six months out of the Navy and he still languished in indecision, passing on several decent job offers.

When his former commander called to see what he was up to, Harley must have sensed Bowie’s less than enthusiastic mood. “A customer of mind is going to be gone for a month in a month and he’d love to have a house sitter. You game?”

Bowie had booked a flight minutes after their conversation ended. A coast change might the incentive he needed to get his butt in gear.

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Warriors #8Sunday – Indecision”

  1. It’s sounds as though he’s bored, jumping at the chance to get away.
    Hope you don’t mind, but my Internal Editor noticed that this sentence has some problems: ‘A customer of mind is going to be gone for a month in a month’. 1) customer of MINE. 2) ‘for a month in a month’ — Huh? I suspect the the second phrase isn’t needed, because if this weren’t happening for another month, there’s no need to be in such a hurry to book a flight.

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  2. Sounds like the beginning of an adventure! A romantic one, I figure. 🙂 Good snippet, Dani!

    Something jumped out at me. I think you’re missing a “be” between “might” and “the” here: “…might the incentive…”

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