Crafting Over the Years

Romance Writers Weekly with coffe cup underneath and a mocha foam heart in cupFall is the season for craft fairs. Do you do any crafting, if so what? If not, what’s the favorite thing that you’ve purchased at a craft fair or a county fair? I’ve asked mainly because I want to see how “crafty” RWW authors are beyond the written word.

I was a crafter before a writer, unless you count the elementary years, where my joy of story telling began. Over the years, I’ve attended many a craft show. I’m old enough to remember when “country décor” became popular in the early eighties.  Being different (I almost never follow trends), I wanted a Southwest theme for my den, almost a decade before the style became popular. Wall decor, steer head, southwest pictures and a realistic looking western pistol Southwest items were difficult to find so I made deco when possible. Ceramic studios were ahead of the time for Southwest items and I fired a steer head skull pictured here. Later, I hankered for a Victorian themed Christmas tree.  The ornaments were so expensive, I handmade most. Once the writing bug struck again, my crafting became limited to swag items for promotion.  I made some key chains using my logo as well as stamping some coasters.

On occasion, I till visit some of the local high school craft shows,  where I enjoying seeing what new and innovative things crafters have made. I love my grape vine pumpkin a found a couple of years ago as a local show. Now ongrapevine pumplin lit with mini lights and decorated on the top with fall follage and harvest minitures to the incredible Brenda Margriet. If you haven’t already visited the lovely Jenna Da Sie please check out her crafty post!








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