Couple on Beach kissing

Flash Fiction

Couple on Beach kissing

It’s Flash Fiction this week on Romance Writers Weekly. Five hundred words using Coffee, Blue and Waterfall with bonus points if kiss is used.

Jo dug her toes into the sand beneath the lounge chair. Sky and water stretched to infinity. Drinking coffee on a beach wasn’t odd. She did so nearly every morning back home on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Having coffee seaside in Hawaii with palm trees reaching skyward seemed right out of a dream.

A relaxing cascade from a nearby waterfall, exclusive to the resort, made it a perfect honeymoon destination for two water lovers like she and Ray.  Two years ago, as she was fingerprinted in California, she never imagined being free again, much less married the man she’d been in love with as a teen.

His hearty chuckle brought her back as he chatted with the surfside bartender. A few seconds later, he sat down beside her and handed her a plate. “He gave us some fruit and croissants.”

“Thanks babe.” She nabbed a piece of sliced kiwi. The large blue sapphire sparkled on her finger.  How did she get so lucky?

He raised his wrap-a-round shades  to the top of his head. Ice blue eyes that always read her soul asked, “So surfing or hiking today?”

Her belly warmed inside as she remembered this morning in bed. While she wanted to ask for another round, she tamped down her attempt at a sexual innuendo. “How about that helicopter tour?”

“You think the pilot will let us have some fun in the back seat, if we pay extra?” He winked.

So his mind was on the same track. She grinned. “You could barely get those shoulders of yours though the door of the airplane bathroom.”

He nodded with a smirk and picked up his phone. “Let’s see what times they have open.” The man could have played pro football but decided firefighting was his calling and her dad probably has something to do with his choice of careers.

She was living the trope of falling for her brother’s best friend and it was absolutely fantastic.

Two hours later, a lush, green tropical canopy skimmed below them as they crested another volcanic cliff and then zoomed out over the sea. From the outcropping a towering waterfall projected a rainbow in its mist. 

Ray snugged her hand in his.  “Paradise, huh.”

“Yep, almost as good as sleeping next to you.” She bumped his shoulder.

The chopper dipped suddenly as the engine died. The pilot punched the start over and over working the controls as he tried to control their rapid descent.

“Shit.” Jo’s heart rose to her throat.  No! They couldn’t die like this. Not after all they’d been through.

The terror in Ray’s eyes said yes they would.  “I love you baby.”

He met her lips with a lingering kiss.

The chopper slammed into the water then blackness.

“Get up!” a harsh female voice echoed in Jo’s ears. I don’t have all day!”

Jo wiped her eyes, wet with tears.

The guard yelled again.  “Your bail has been posted. Get you blonde ass moving.

At least she wasn’t dead…now to somehow get back home. She ached to see Ray. Would even have anything to do with her now?

Romance Writers Weekly with coffe cup underneath and a mocha foam heart in cup

Want to find out if Jo makes it home and finds Ray? I wrote this as a prequel to Hot as Blazes. It’s available on Kindle Unlimited and all major e-book sellers and in paperback.  Now check out the lovely Leslie Hachtel for her flash fiction.

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