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Hot as Blazes Cover Reveal

JaceDani_HotAsBlazesToday I’m excited to reveal my cover for Hot as Blazes

When the Heat Gets Started

JoAnn Mercer was on the verge of surfer stardom when her career took a nosedive thanks to a backstabbing ex. Now she’s back home in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, staying clear of men, desperately in need of a job. Joining the local firefighting squad seems like the perfect solution, until she realizes one of her coworkers is an old crush…

It Will Never Stop

Ray Andrews never runs away from a fight. He served his country in Iraq, and he’s battled more fires than he can count. But what he can’t fight is the desire burning between him and JoAnn Mercer. He’s wanted Jo for as long as he can remember, but a promise made years ago has kept them apart. Finally free of obligations, Ray is ready to prove he’s the only man for Jo. But after the trauma of her past, can he convince her to love again?

Excerpt:Couple on Beach kissing

His all-terrain tires hummed against the pavement as Ray navigated the beach road on autopilot, his brain playing catch-up. The mad tattoo in his chest subsided as he replayed the last few minutes. She was home.

Lost in eyes the shade of his favorite scotch, he’d used all his strength to turn and leave. Her loose ringlets of light chestnut felt like silk. He’d fallen in love with her years ago. She never had a clue, but with her talent for surfing, she was bound for bigger things than him.

He wound the Hummer into Station Twenty-One’s lot at the south end of the beach, a newer facility than his home station. He’d worked a few swing shifts with each of their rotating crews. Beyond the high-adrenaline nature of the job, the brotherhood and camaraderie filled a void in his life. Ray swung through the kitchen door where the crew had gathered for lunch.

“That’s quite a grin you’re sporting,” the captain said. “You rarely see a happy expression on anyone coming in on his day off.”

“Must’ve got laid,” another firefighter teased. “Looks like he just showered.”

He let the banter slide and eased onto an empty chair. He tossed some bills on the table for the grocery fund. They’d be feeding him dinner too.

“So?” The captain raised a bushy brow.

“Surfing. The sets were perfect.” He smiled. A sub sandwich slid in front of him.

Seeing Jo after five years was better than sex. Unless the sex happened to be with her. But that would be making love. Something he’d only imagined―a million times.

Hot as Blazes is available for pre-order at major e-book sellers and will release by Kensington/Lyrical on June 9, 2015.


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Destination by A S Fenichel

DECEPTION_hi-res by Morgan Pielli jpegThis is A.S. Fenichel’s lovely cover for her newest release, Deception. From her series The Demon Hunters, Deception is book two and releases in July.

When Demons threaten Regency London, only a Lady can stop them.

Lillian Dellacourt is beautiful, refined and absolutely lethal. She’s also the most feared and merciless demon hunter in The Company. She’s come a long way from the penniless seamstress’s daughter sold to the highest bidder, and it wasn’t by trusting a man, let alone an exiled Marquis with more on his mind than slaying the hellspawn . . .

For Dorian Lambert, Marquis de Montalembert, being sent to keep track of Lillian is no mean task. He’s wanted the fiery vixen since he first heard of her five years ago. But wooing the lady while fighting the demon uprising is no easy feat, especially when the lady’s tongue is as sharp as the Japanese sai blades she favors for eviscerating the spawn of hell.

These two will have to learn to trust each other fast, because the demon master is back, and he’s planning to turn Edinburgh into a living hell…

A S’ novel is a paranormal historical romance published by Lyrical Press/Kensington Publishing and will be released on July 7, 2015

Deception is available for Pre-order at the following sellers: Amazon

Barns & Noble


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