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Summer’s End

This week on Romance Writers Weekly Jenna Da Sie asked authors to write a poem about summer ending.

Summer’s End

A lazy sun shortcuts the sky as tender tender leaves of green mottle to yellow and rust

Shrouded in dusk, impatient stars twinkle their early greeting

Evening fires with wine compliment toasts summer’s end

Now let’s hear an ode to summer from    S. C. Mitchell.


Living in the Southeast, the first hint of Autumn is a drop in humidity, followed by crisp evening air.

Autumn also coincides with the start of football, my favorite sport.  This weekend I dug out my favorite Fall candle, Moonlight Harvest.  Its mysterious scent always sparks a reflective mood and from there I evaluate the year and life.

Autumn is for harvest.  A reaping of what we’ve sown.  This year I took a deeper step into writing, finally joining a critique group.   In parenting, I have had to step back, remembering my mother’s words.  “I’ve taught you the best I can, now it’s up to you.”

What have you sown this year?