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Summer’s End

This week on Romance Writers Weekly Jenna Da Sie asked authors to write a poem about summer ending.

Summer’s End

A lazy sun shortcuts the sky as tender tender leaves of green mottle to yellow and rust

Shrouded in dusk, impatient stars twinkle their early greeting

Evening fires with wine compliment toasts summer’s end

Now let’s hear an ode to summer from    S. C. Mitchell.

Romance Writers Weekly – Summer Fun

RomanceWeeklyThis week on Romance Writers Weekly, Fiona Riplee ask authors about summer fun and how it affects our writing. Hope you’ve already visited with J.J. Devine. Now for my answers.

Your favorite summer memory. This is a PG blog, so I’ll have to go with my second favorite memory. My first kiss happened during a summer visit at my uncle’s farm. Ah, that magical time of adolescence, just walking along a sandy road fills me with memories of first love.

OBXlandingWhat you enjoy the most about summer. The week my family and I spend at the Outer Banks of North Carolina at a beach house. Over the years, we’ve become friends with the families who rent on the same street and return the same week as us. Our children have grown up together. Divorces and a child lost to cancer proves how hard life can be. It is rejuvenating to renew these friendships each summer.

How the warm days and sunshine affect your writing habits? I’d say I write more as my job goes to a four day work week, so Fridays are mine. Editing outside on the computer is too hard to see, but I enjoy writing to a spiral notebook while writing at the pool. There’s something about putting pen to paper that is freeing to my muse.

Please continue on the hop to Eden Ashe. Have a great summer!

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