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Christmas Serenity

Serenity is often found in the the moments. Merry Christmas to my readers and friends!

Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse
Roanoke Marshes Lighthouse




Christmas Tree on porch with rocking chair
Porch Christmas Tree at Winter Lights
Lighted Reindeer
Reindeer at Elizabethan Gardens
Elizabeth II at Manteo Waterfront
Elizabeth II at Manteo Waterfront
Angel at Elizabethan Gardens
Angel Tree

Favorite Holiday Songs from Classic to Metal to Naughty

RomanceWeeklyFa la la la la – la la la la … What’s your favorite holiday song?Beach Ornaments Romance Writers Weekly wants to know.  We’re sharing ours this week! Hope you’ve already dropped in on Carolyn Spear for her special holiday tune. I can’t decide on just one to be honest, so I go by genre.

dboywikiThe Little Drummer Boy was my favorite as a kid. I went on to take percussion later.  Never made marching band, but I still love listening to the street beats the drummers play during football games.

As for holiday classics, I love Silent Night. Mannheim Steamroller has an awesome version which is now a classic called Stille Night.

Orchestrated rock music always gets me and the way Trans Siberian Orchestra rocks Carol of Bells on Sarajevo 12/24. I crank the volume especially during the guitar solo. A metal head, I am.specialxmas

Last but not least, from the the naughty writer in me, Bon Jovi’s Back Door Santa is too fun. Now, let’s hear from Susan Scott Shelley.