Favorite Holiday Songs from Classic to Metal to Naughty

RomanceWeeklyFa la la la la – la la la la … What’s your favorite holiday song?Beach Ornaments Romance Writers Weekly wants to know.  We’re sharing ours this week! Hope you’ve already dropped in on Carolyn Spear for her special holiday tune. I can’t decide on just one to be honest, so I go by genre.

dboywikiThe Little Drummer Boy was my favorite as a kid. I went on to take percussion later.  Never made marching band, but I still love listening to the street beats the drummers play during football games.

As for holiday classics, I love Silent Night. Mannheim Steamroller has an awesome version which is now a classic called Stille Night.

Orchestrated rock music always gets me and the way Trans Siberian Orchestra rocks Carol of Bells on Sarajevo 12/24. I crank the volume especially during the guitar solo. A metal head, I am.specialxmas

Last but not least, from the the naughty writer in me, Bon Jovi’s Back Door Santa is too fun. Now, let’s hear from Susan Scott Shelley.





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