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Cocky Confessions: Robert Stuart of Leslie Hachtel’s Captain’s Captive

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Captain's Sunset SilhouetteToday I’m interviewing Leslie Hachtel’s hero from her soon to be published novel, Captain’s Captive.

Welcome, please tell us a bit about yourself. 

My full name is Robert Stuart and I am a sea captain.

How did you become a sailor?

I have been smitten with the sea since I first saw the ships coming and going in the harbor when I was a small boy. When I was old enough, I bought my own vessel and have moved cargo between ports ever since.

When did you meet your lover in Captain’s Captive?

The year now is 1723. I ‘met’ Marilee long before I met her. Let me explain…My first mate hired her as a cook on a crossing from England to the colonies. She was disguised, very effectively I might add, as an old woman. On our last night at sea, she came into my cabin without her masquerade. I have been madly in love with her ever since, even though I didn’t recognize her the next morning, as she was back in disguise.

Ahh, the mystery! Tell us something no one would believe about you.

I was seasick the first time I made a crossing. But I wouldn’t let it deter me.

**chuckles** Seaman are a strong-willed breed. Something you’d never tell lover?

The number of my conquests. A gentleman never tells. Marilee was my last, my forever. What I have gained in skill should only contribute to her pleasure.

No doubt! Is there anything you’ve done that could have landed you in prison?

I have acted the pirate in my younger days and plundered other ships, including those carrying the British flag.

Whose your best bud and what do you guys do for fun?

Tate, my first mate, is my best buddy. We have grown very close over the years and used to love going to pubs and doing some serious drinking when we were in port. Which included chasing skirt.

As they say, one in every port! Until you met Marilee of course. A favorite piece of clothing to remove from your lover.

The chemise. It’s such a silky thing and feeling it slip off her body —well, just thinking about it excites me.

The hottest thing Marilee has ever said to you. It’s actually ‘I love you.’

What intrigues you most about Marilee? Everything. Her beauty, her intellect, her courage. Plus, she is a very enthusiastic lover.

She’s a lucky lady. What worries you the most?

I will want to go back to sea and she will want to stay on land. I don’t want to be without her or our son.

Any hobbies besides sailing around the world?

Dancing. It is something I don’t get to indulge very often, but I love nothing more than holding a woman by the waist, and twirling with her around a room.

That sounds so romantic. Is there some place you’d love to travel to that you haven’t been?

I have always wanted to go to the Far East. That would have been my next destination, had circumstances not intervened.

Thoroughly enjoyed having you today, captain.  I wish you fair winds and following seas.

Thank you, Dani, Captain’s Captive will soon be released from Black Opal Books. Look for the cover reveal.

???????????????????????????????Leslie Hachtel was born in Ohio, raised in New York and has been a gypsy most of her adult life. Her various jobs, including licensed veterinary technician, caterer, horseback riding instructor for the disabled and advertising media buyer have given her a wealth of experiences.

However, it has been writing that has consistently been her passion. She sold an episode of a TV show, had a screenplay optioned and has so far produced four novels, including two historicals. One of her romance novels, “Captain’s Captive” will soon be published by Black Opal Books. Her murder mystery, Harriet, is available on Amazon.

Leslie lives in Memphis, Tennessee with a fabulously supportive engineer husband, a wonderful stepson, Matt and her writing buddy, Jakita, a terrier.

Website: http://lesliehachtelwriter.wordpress.com/