Dani Jace is officially www.danijace.com.  I’ve been debating the plunge into .com world for a while and the upcoming open house of my writers group was the final push I needed to claim a domain name.

Also,  www.danijace.com is a lot easier fit on business cards and promotional give aways than the wordpress extension.   The key chains and bracelets were fun to make.  Even burning the beach scene on the wood cutouts was a crafty technique I enjoyed.  A lot of consideration went into these items.   I wanted something that would accurately reflect my brand, have a personal touch and be a functional piece.  I’m pleased with the results even if those little beads have a mind of their own sometimes 🙂

Come on out to  Chesapeake Romance Writers open house on November 10.  Details at http://www.crwrwa.org/OpenHouse.html  We’d love to meet and chat with readers and writes alike.  New members are always welcome to CRW .



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