Hunks and Hand Grenades

Spent the other night setting up a Good Reads account and reviewing a few of the more recent books I’ve read. They range from When Alex was Bad, a suspenseful erotic, to American Sniper and Outlaw Platoon, to the slapstick of Stephanie Plum with Joe Morelli.  An Italian hunk who carries handcuffs and knows how to use them!

Raised on James Bond, Star Trek and situation comedies, I’m an action junkie that loves bad ass, witty heroes.  Can you say Die Hard.  The recent surge in SEALS and other special forces soldiers as the new mainstream heroes in action/suspense romance novels has me starting a new Hunks and Hand Grenades rating scale.   And if you agree and haven’t checked out Strike Back on Cinemax, you’re missing some bad ass hunks…can you say Section 20.

I have a paranormal gene that occasionally rears from beneath a litter of shell casings to lick fangs or hunt the non-human.  Before True Blood, I was never a werewolf fan, then I got a dose of Jo Manganiello as Alcide.  Can you say… howl at the moon hunk. Karen Monings’ Shadow fever series was mix of wicked pleasures with Barrons packing heat that was beyond human.  Only he could make the words “Miss Lane” sound like an invitation to sex.  In the sci-fi realm of romance, I found Bronse of Seduce Me in Dreams by Jacquelyn Frank a ten on my hunks and hand grenades scale.

Hope you’ll check out Dani Jace on Good Reads  Friend me if you like my mix of hunks and hand grenades…

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