Pumpkin Pie vs Book Reviews

Piece of Pumpkin PieMy mother’s excellent culinary skills were renowned in our small community where I grew up. She never won a contest for her pumpkin pie or had a recipe published, but she must have enjoyed her craft accepting the many praises as her icing on the cake. While most of us seek some type of commendation for our endeavors, writers face a difficult road to acclaim, sometimes from family, friends and even other writers.

While at work this week, various conversations revolved around recipes which of course included pumpkin pie. The comments made me consider how differently people review food compared to books. Pumpkin pie is fairly simple to make, and those who like it are usually satisfied with the standard version.  Heck, some would just as soon pick one up from the grocery store rather than bake one.

In contrast, I am amazed by the diverse reactions and reviews to one book. Readers’ palates are far more difficult to appease. The mix of emotions provoked by a piece of literature far exceeds laying a fork down when disappointed over a piece of soggy pumpkin pie.

Even in the face of such odds I will continue to write. Bleed my passion into words for me and the kindred souls who connect with my fictional world. That said, I’m thankful for my many blessings and off to the Outer Banks for dinner this afternoon. And though I’m not a fan of pumpkin pie, I won’t be slamming the cook on social media or giving a one star review. I’ll just select another dessert more to my taste.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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