Romance Weekly – April 8 #LoveWriteChat #Blog

This week:  Pitching for a movie and actors playing my hero and heroine…

RomanceWeekly Scenario: A Hollywood producer is interested in your book. Can you come up with an enticing logline (plot summary of 25 words or less) I’m pitching for my pre-published novel, Hot as Blazes. A disgraced surfer turned firefighter falls in love with one of her bigstockimage46781775brethren but her past transgressions levy a hefty toll.

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? Jessica Biel as she looked in action rolls like Stealth and Blade II is the closest resemblance to my heroine’s body type. She has a similar facial structure, but my heroine, Jo, has amber eyes and lighter hair color.

My hero is a tall and built like an NFL tight end. Former Raider, Howie Long would have fit the bill when he was in his early thirties. Currently, fitness model, Jase Dean closely resembles Ray and has enamoring blue eyes. Check out my Pinterest board Hot as Blazes for visuals on my hero and heroine.

Does the storyline of your novel compare with any films out there? There are many movies about a protagonist with a lurking past, but I’ve never seen a film about a female surfer turned firefighter who falls for her brother’s best friend and tends bar for a mysterious SEAL who is somehow linked to her past.

Thanks to Joanne Guidoccio for this week’s Romance Weekly questions. Next on the hop is Susan Peterson Wisnewski. Please clieck to see who she chooses to play her characters in Secrets in San Remo and then take the full hop to meet all the authors of Romance Weekly. Comments and questions for future Romance Weekly posts are welcome. We love hearing from you!

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