Romance Weekly May 27 #LoveWriteChat

This week: How a writer’s life influences characters…

RomanceWeeklyThanks to Kate Robbins for this week’s questions, and if you arrived here via my Lyrical sister, Gemma Brocato and author of Hearts in Harmony, thanks for continuing the hop.

bathinglabtopHow much of yourself do you write into your characters? Or do you write characters completely opposite to you? My heroines have some of my faults and attributes, plus characteristics I wish I could claim. In some ways, writing is a way to live a dual life.

Has your writing helped you see events in your own life clearer? I actuallyouija-board believe my introspective nature led me to write. Writing is enjoyable but can also be a purging; a means of controlling a world when mine sometimes feels out of control.

IMG_4263Have you written a character with more of your personal characteristics than any other? What are they? Not with intent, but my character Jo is close to me in a lot of ways. She’s socially insecure, but wears a hard edge to cover. She’s no nonsense and commands undying loyalty. Both of us have been sorely disappointed in that area. I wrote her with thoughts as to what I might have achieved if I’d ventured from my suburban world.

Please see what the amazingly witty Kim Handysides has to share.

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